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About me

I’m Emily, the Owner and Lead Clinician at Breathe First.

I pride myself on a high quality of patient care, with trust being at the centre of the therapeutic relationship. 

My wide ranging experience allows me to create a bond with patients of all ages and needs, and tailor therapy to the individual.

I have worked in many health and educational settings, with a wide range of other professionals, which allows me to understand roles, and work with others to maximise your treatment outcomes.

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My training

I have also spent time studying primitive reflex integration and the body’s fascial system.

Other training/certifications I have:

Makaton, Cued Articulation, Neurolingustic Programming, Lego Therapy, PECS

Our mission

It all started in 2019, with a quest to help my eldest child, Caitlin, who had some health, sleep and dental challenges. I knew something was not quite right.

A good friend of mine, who happens to be a very forward-thinking and Holisitc Dentist, explained simply that Cailtin’s breathing and oral function was a likely candidate to her issues, and set me on the path to exploring Myofunctional Sciences.

My first course was a career defining moment! I started to see development, communication and health in a completely different light!

I could visualise the faces of so many of the thousands of children I have treated for speech and language therapy over the years, and wished I had known this information sooner. 

I remembered those children I’d meet, and even in all my experience, I just did not know where to begin to address their needs. Those children who din’t respond to therapy, or who’d progress slower than we’d like….I know now, they needed to Breathe First.

No matter what your age or complaint, I have seen the bountiful benefits of starting where it all began,… with breath.

Functional Breathing and proper oral function underpin our body’s health and wellness. Going back to basics with breathing and oral function allows patients of all ages, and from all backgrounds to work from the bottom up, to achieve better wellness and better communication, that lasts a lifetime.

Always Breathe First.

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My career background

Following graduating from Manchester Metropolitian University in 2004, I took on rotational post within the NHS, which gave me experience in all aspects of the Speech and Language Therapy, from Stroke Rehabilitation to Specialist Child Development.

From there, I specialised in Paediatrics, where I worked for many years in school and clinic settings for the NHS, followed by 7 years as a Senior Clinician in a wonderful private practice, servicing schools in Manchester. Both of these roles gave me extensive experience working with children with a wide range of communication and developmental needs.

My journey into airway health began in 2019, when I was seeking answers to some issues my eldest child was having with her sleep, overall wellness and dentition. Once I discovered the incredible benefits of functional breathing and myofunctional therapy, this became my passion, and my mission to spread the word and support others.

In 2020 I trained with the AOMT, followed by qualifying as Buteyko Breathing Instructor in 2021. Since then I have taken a multitude of further accreditations including ‘TalkTools’ and ‘Myomunchee’ certification, as well as courses on primitive reflex integration, body fascia and more.

I have worked alongside a team of experienced Myofunctional Therapists and Dental Professionals for over 2 years, and I am on the board of the British Society of Myofunctional Therapy.