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Orofacial Myofunctional Assessment

In our Altrincham clinic, we carry out a full assessment of orofacial myofunctional disorders, which will include a consultation exploring your history and symptoms, oral examination, measurements, photographs, observation of breathing, and assessment of speech sounds and swallowing. Following your appointment, we will provide a basic report of findings and recommendations, which may include onward referrals.

Myofunctional Therapy

Your first therapy session will take place in our clinic, and it may be necessary to visit the clinic midway through your therapy. All other sessions will take place online.

Sessions are initially weekly, and reduce in frequency once we enter the next phases of treatment.


Each session, you will be given a set of exercises to carry out at least twice daily, until your next appointment.

Oral Motor Speech and Feeding Therapy for Special Educational Needs

Enhance overall development and progress in standard speech therapy with a blend of breathing, sensory integration and oral motor therapy.

We bring together aspects of breathing, sensory and tactile input to enhance children’s focus, speech clarity, feeding skills and more.


Breathing Re-education

Learn to apply the Buteyko Breathing Method to restore nasal breathing, improve your breathing, your sleep and wellbeing.

This can be applied alongside Myofunctional Therapy, and our Speech Therapy appointments incorporate these principles hen needed.

Consultation for Practices and Businesses

Training and workshops for Speech and Language Therapy, Dental Practices and Educational Settings, on the importance of nasal breathing and proper oral function.

Second opinions and supervision are also available.