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MyoTape For Kids

MyoTape For Kids is a gentle, skin-friendly sleep aid that promotes nasal breathing for better sleep and overall health. Designed by a renowned breathing expert, these easy-to-use strips are a favourite among parents for their effectiveness and comfort.

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Designed by renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown, MyoTape For Kids offers a gentle, skin-friendly solution to promote nasal breathing during sleep. These easy-to-use sleep strips, made from soft cotton and skin-safe glue, surround the mouth and gently bring the lips together using light elastic tension. Unlike other products, MyoTape does not cover the mouth, ensuring comfort throughout the night.

Parents praise MyoTape For Kids for its effectiveness in reducing mouth breathing, leading to more restful sleep and improved overall well-being. The product’s durability and ease of use make it a favorite among families seeking to support their children’s healthy breathing habits.

Choose MyoTape For Kids for these compelling reasons:

  1. Encourages nasal breathing, which is essential for optimal health and development
  2. Provides a comfortable, non-intrusive solution for children struggling with mouth breathing
  3. Promotes better sleep quality, leading to improved focus and behavior during the day
  4. Suitable for sensitive skin, thanks to its cotton material and gentle adhesive
  5. Backed by the expertise of a renowned breathing specialist

Give your child the gift of peaceful, healthy sleep with MyoTape For Kids.


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