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The marvellous benefits of humming

So, the Tibetan Monks had it right centuries ago with their deep belly ‘ommmmmmm’s’.

When we hum, we send vibrations through our head and neck, which stimulates the sinuses to drain fluid, keeping our noses clear for breathing. To sustain our hum, we are taking longer breaths out, which works on our CO2 tolerance, reminding our body and brain not to over breathe. The magic gas ‘Nasal Nitric Oxide’ (NNO) is also produced in abundance during the practise of humming. NNO is our body’s natural defense drug, helping to eradicate bacterial and viral molecules as they enter the body. It’s not just for Christmas!  We only get the benefits of NNO when we breathe nasally. Not only is the NNO a great bug killer, it is also a vasodilator, helping to open up the nasal passages, and furthermore has a calming impact on our nervous system.

Humming also encourages the ideal oral rest posture; having the tongue lightly suctioned into the palate, and lips in comfortable contact. 

You can further increase the benefits of humming, by humming your favorite jolly and uplifting tunes, which will give you a boost in feel good hormones! 

We can hum anywhere, without any equipment. In the car, in the shower…anywhere. So, what are you waiting for…get humming!

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